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My Story

I began teaching English 3 years ago when I moved to Brazil and realised most people don't speak much English (or so I thought).

With zero knowledge of Portuguese, I found myself with no other option but to try and encourage people I met to speak whatever English they knew, no matter how bad they thought they sounded! I soon realised that the more I conversed with Brazilians, the more they became comfortable speaking in English. 

This led me to realise that sometimes people can study English for years and dedicate many hours to studying it, but don't necessarily learn the right skills to speak it fluently.


The more I worked with students from all over the world, the more I realised how vital learning English was to advance their professional career and how life-changing it could be. And so this is how I got the idea to help work professionals ! 


I help people who have an intermediate to advanced level of English become fluent enough to speak confidently and as a result apply for their dream jobs in English! Many of my students have gone on to work for some of the most recognised companies in the world such as Netflix, TikTok, JP Morgan and more

Through my work I have helped clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back and watched them achieve their dreams and change their lives! 


Like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you accomplish your career goals!

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