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Frequently Asked Questions

What is English Fluency?

English Fluency is an online English coaching platform with an aim to improve your English speaking and listening.  

Often times, student who reach an intermediate level of English don't need to study more grammar or comprehension, they need to apply what they've learnt! This can only be done through practice.  English Fluency focuses on just that. 

The private lessons aim to improve our English speaking, as well as build listening comprehension, pronunciation and intonation skills.

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English Fluency is for those looking to gain more out of their English skills.

English Fluency students are: 

- want to progress in their career/ get a good job in a multinational company within their home country or abroad.

- have a desire to speak the language of international communications, media and the internet.  

- wanting to brush up on their English skills

- looking to travel/live in an English speaking country 

Who is English Fluency designed for?

Do I need to know basic English?

Yes, you will need to be at an intermediate level and able to form clear and structured sentences.

If you are someone who is still learning grammatical English and how to structure sentences, English Fluency is NOT for you! In saying this, I hope you revisit this page once you're at an intermediate level and looking to sharpen those English skills! 

Why choose English Fluency?

While there are many online English teaching resources, what differentiates English Fluency from the rest is simply the one on one experience and ability to customise the lessons to your needs and interests so that you get the most out of your lesson!

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