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5 best TV shows to watch in English!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

One of the perks of knowing English is the fact that you have plethora of shows available for you to watch ... from crime, to drama, to comedy. Me personally, I like comedy to lighten up my mood at the end of a long day! Below are some of the greatest comedy TV shows ever produced and they are also very useful when wanting to sound more fluent and learn native expressions.

One of my personal favourites is of course, FRIENDS. Each of the main characters offers something new and is funny in their own unique way. FRIENDS is such an iconic show to the point where some of the expressions from this TV series are still used as jokes till this days, such as the infamous phrase "we were on a break!" (IYKYK). This show is American humour at it's finest and Chandler Bing's sarcasm is a great introduction into Western humour, specifically American.

This show can be challenging as some of the characters use a lot of different cultural references and speak quickly. In saying this, Gloria is a character you can identify with for many different reasons as she is an immigrant in America who still makes a lot of mistakes when speaking and has a heavy accent, making it easier to understand her and also relate to her. Also, a lot of the cast are kids and they tend to use more simple phrases that make it easier to follow along.

The Office is also an incredibly funny show that can teach you useful office phrases while making you laugh non-stop. It's not hard to follow along and understand what they are saying, plus the episodes are only 20 minutes long! At first it is a bit slow, but once you get passed the first season, you become hooked on it. (There's a reason his show has die-hard fans!)

Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows to watch for Spanish speakers, maybe even Portuguese speakers too. Reason being is some of the characters in the show speak Spanish in some of the episodes so it's not too overwhelming when you first watch it. It's also a very light-hearted and comedic show that will also make you laugh when watching it.

And the last on the list but definitely not least, Desperate Housewives. This is one of my personal all time favourite shows and I may a bit bias choosing it, but I promise you won't regret watching this one! Although it is a female led cast, I think men can enjoy it as well, as the male cast is also prominent and the show covers different topics such as finance, marriage, friendship and every day struggles that people deal with.

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