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Are you wanting to expand your vocabulary?

I get asked the question "How do I expand my vocabulary?" a lot! So I am writing this post to answer this question once and for all!

Read, read and read some more!

The most effective way to expand your vocabulary is simply through reading. The more you read the more words you are exposed to. Not only do you get more exposure to new words, but when you're reading a book and come across a new word, it is so much easier to understand it through context, rather than simply reading it in a dictionary. It makes it clearer and more understandable, therefore you are much more likely to remember it.

Read what interests you

Growing up, I used to borrow a lot of books from our school library about different topics that I was interested in ... at the time they were history, romance and fiction books. If you're not sure where to start, think about what your interests are and look up the top 10 books in that category or genre and go from there.

Write down new words

Every time I was reading and would come across a new word, I would write it down with the definition next to it. I would then always look back at the new words as a way to remeber them.

Of course, nowadays it is so much easier to highlight or underline a word and write a note next to it on our Kindles and smartphones. But why stop there? Go ahead and create a table with the words in one column and the depiction or translation in the other column.

Use Anki

Alternatively you could use Anki which is a great flashcard app that helps you memorise vocabulary easily. It has a lot of different features and you have the option of adding images, audio and videos. Once you add it in the vocabulary list make sure to spend at least 15minutes per day on the app practicing. You will notice a difference immediately!

Put what you learn to practice

This final point is crucial because you need to use the words you learn in conversation in order to really understand how they are used and to become more articulate and accurately express how you feel.

Lastly, comment below which book you're planning to read and why!

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